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How to Pick the Safest Toys for Your Pets

Even the smallest pet stores have shelves upon shelves of toys available for the enjoyment of your pets. The toys allow for all different types of play styles and activities that can help keep your pet happy and healthy. At a glance, it can be difficult to know just which toys to select – and which ones to avoid. To pick the safest toys for your pets, you must know your brands, materials and other factors that contribute to the overall quality of each item. Utilize this guide to learn the information you need to know to select the safest toys for your pets.

Look for Products from Brands You Trust

Your pet’s play style, behaviors, and overall intensity will heavily influence the toy brands you will be able to trust in the long run. Keep a short list of the brands that produce toys that do not crack, splinter or otherwise break apart with normal play. Also, look for toys that keep your pet engaged for long periods of time. If you find a toy that keeps your pet’s interest and does not fall apart, you will likely have similar luck with others in that line. Test many different products from your favorite brands to find the product lines that your pet favors the most. With time, you will be able to determine which brands offer the safest toys for your pets.

Avoid Toys with Small or Loose Parts

When you look at toys at the pet store or anywhere else, take the time to comb over each piece with a discerning eye. Tiny components and loose parts pose a choking hazard to pets of all sizes. Look at every angle of each toy to check for small parts that could break loose and get swallowed by your pet. Wiggle the components pack and forth while watching for give and other signs of potential faults. Look at the overall size of each component used to create the toy to determine if it poses a choking hazard to your pet if chewed apart. If you even think a toy could cause problems in the long run, leave it on the shelf and look elsewhere to fulfill your pet’s entertainment needs.

Select Materials That Will Not Harm Your Pet

You must find toys made from low-risk materials to protect your pet from health complications, such as intestinal obstructions and tooth trauma. To avoid health risks from potentially dangerous toys, simply select toys made from materials that are not likely to harm your pet’s health. You can skip stuffed toys in favor of squeaker mats and firehose critters, for example, to eliminate problematic fluff. You can also choose silicone and rubber chews over bone, as even the biggest, strongest natural bones can splinter apart and cause harm. Nylon, silicone and rubber materials resist breakage and only come apart in tiny pieces that easily pass through your pet’s system if they get swallowed at all.

Investigate How Your Pet Interacts with the Toys

You can watch how your pet interacts with toys to select the ones that do not pose a threat to his or her health. If your pet likes to pull the stuffing out of plush toys, switch to toys without stuffing to eliminate that risk. Otherwise, your pet could ingest the string materials and develop a potentially fatal intestinal blockage. Look for signs of stitch pulling, shredding and other behaviors that can help guide the selection of safe toys for your pet. When you have a clear idea about your pet’s behaviors, you can select toys that minimize the safety risks for your pet.

Watch for Recalls of Pet Toys You Have

In rare cases, manufacturers may put out recalls on toys for pets due to a minor to severe problem with that product. If the manufacturer allows you to register your products, you will likely receive direct correspondence if a recall goes out on a product you purchased. Otherwise, you will need to watch online for news about product recalls or check the American Veterinary Medical Foundation website for recall notices. If you have a recalled pet toy at home, immediately take it from your pet and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for its disposal or return.

Remember to Always Supervise Your Pet’s Playtime

As you buy toys for your pets, make sure that you remember to always supervise their playtime to prevent problems. Even with the safest toys, pets can land themselves in hot water with a single wrong move. If you are there to help your pet, you can minimize the harm that befalls them from a faulty or defective toy. By practicing your due diligence, you can help keep your pet safe and healthy, even when a toy falls apart or otherwise fails to live up to expectations.

By carefully selecting the safest toys for your pets, you actively help reduce the risk of harm from poorly-constructed toy materials and designs. With this approach, you can ensure your pet can play for hours with the toys without a problem. You can further support the health of your pet with beneficial preventative dental care routines, such as daily toothbrushing sessions with a strong toothpaste for pets.

By using Petsmile toothpaste for pets on a regular basis, you can help ensure your pet enjoys exceptional dental health year after year. Acquire a tube today to support your pet’s health and well-being. .


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