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Loose Teeth in Dogs: What You Can Do to Prevent This Alarming Condition

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Before loose teeth start to wiggle, you may not notice anything different about your dog’s tooth and gum health. In most cases, the underlying causes of loose teeth in dogs, such as gum disease, rarely show obvious symptoms. You must know exactly what to look for and how to best care for your dog’s teeth and gums to help prevent loose teeth. With the right information in hand, you can ensure your dog’s teeth and gums receive the absolute best care at home and from your veterinarian.

How To Find A Veterinarian Dentist

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Good oral health is crucial to the overall health of your beloved pet. If you want to take the best care possible of them, then making oral health maintenance a part of their regular health routine is of utmost importance. If you have never brushed your pet's teeth, had them brushed by a veterinarian, or taken them to a veterinary dentist, now is the time to start. You will be glad you did, and your pet ultimately will, too, even if they don't realize it at the time.

Got Your Pet's Teeth Cleaned? Now What?

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So, you've taken your dog or cat to the veterinarian for professional teeth cleaning. As you know, it is an important part of your pet's health maintenance routine to get their teeth cleaned at the veterinarian at least once a year, just like it is for humans. Now, your beloved pet's teeth are nice and clean, plaque and tartar-free, and all shiny and smooth. Hopefully, no oral conditions were found that would require further treatment, like cavities, abscesses, or gum diseases. You are good to go until the next scheduled professional cleaning.