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Top 5 Trends For Pet Care To Look Out For

The pet care business is booming – and 2019 is set to be a banner year. The time of dogs and cats as livestock is over. Pets are now part of the family and it shows that because annual pet care product sales figures are in the billions. In addition, new innovations in the pet care industry. From pet health insurance to USA-made products, the new and emerging innovations show great promise in improving how you can provide quality care to your dogs, cats and other pets. Check out this list of the top five trends for pet care in 2019 to see what is coming your way this year.

Pet Health Insurance

Although pet health insurance has been around for many years, the industry is set to expand in a big way this year, giving you more choices and better coverage options. Helping drive growth is the technological advancements made to the premium payment and claims management process. A switch to online systems, in particular, has dramatically improved the customer experience and made it much easier to utilize their insurance coverage.

Pet health insurance providers have also improved coverage levels and boosted transparency to remain competitive with the other financing options available. To remain competitive, pet health insurance companies must offer similar benefits to the other financing options, including credit cards and payment plans offered by veterinarian clinics and other entities. As a result of this marked increase in financing options, pet owners are treated to improved insurance rates and coverage levels.

All of these helpful improvements have made pet insurance more accessible and approachable to the masses. When combined with the peace of mind and financial security these plans provide, there is no telling the success pet health insurance plans will have in 2019 and beyond.

Mobile Pet Spas

With so many pets living in the lap of luxury, mobile pet spas were the obvious next step in pet care. Skilled groomers bring their entire workspace directly to their clients to run these popular mobile pet spas. Within their work van, they have all the tools they need to complete the grooming requirements of all breeds of cats and dogs.

Upon taking your pet onboard, the groomers will wash and clip their fur as needed to keep it tidy to start the visit. A thorough drying and styling of the coat come next, often with a cute handkerchief around the neck to tie everything together. Trimming, filing and even painting or capping the nails comes next to not only improve the appearance of your pet but their health as well. Neatly trimmed nails can prevent foot pain, joint disorders, and even hip problems as your pet ages, after all.

All of the care services provided at mobile pet spas help your dog or cat come out looking and feeling their best. And the best part? You do not even need to leave your home to complete the grooming your pet needs to stay in great condition.

Fresh Pet Food and Bakeries

High-quality pet foods and treats have been increasing in popularity for a while now, but fresh pet food and bakeries take this idea one step further. With fresh pet food products, pet owners can provide their animals with homecooked-type meals that are truly nutritionally balanced. The fresh food comes in rolls in the frigerated section of the pet food store, though many may hit grocery store shelves in 2019.

Pet bakeries, on the other hand, are full establishments dedicated to delighting pets and their owners with fun baked treats. The bakeries create everything from cookies to cakes using only the highest-quality ingredients that are safe for pets to consume. Pet owners can even bring their animals to the bakeries to enjoy their treat or have a party with their furry friends. In some areas, pet bakeries are taking this idea to the next level with mobile food trucks made to serve dogs and cats their favorite menu items.

The pet food industry will likely continue to grow and thrive in the coming years, as pet owners strive to give their animals the very best. You should be able to find dedicated pet bakeries and fresh food products in your area within the next year.

Oral Hygiene

Just like their human companions, dogs and cats need both professional and at-home dental care for healthy teeth and gums. With pet owners starting to recognize this importance, a great demand for innovative dental care products for dogs and cats has developed. Many companies have responded with innovative products that support this pursuit of great oral hygiene for pets.

Pet dental care companies have come up with less-intrusive toothbrushes that fit over the finger and toothpaste for pets that actually dissolves the sticky biofilm their teeth that cause plaque. With these products on hand, you can easily help keep your pet’s teeth and gums in excellent shape by removing plaque at and below the gumline.

These companies are also partnering with veterinary dentist professionals to equip the clinics with the tools and products they need to maintain the oral hygiene of dogs and cats. Using these products, which range from dental-friendly prescription foods to wax polymer sealants, pet dental professionals can serve the needs of their patients better than ever before.

Products Made in the USA

In the past few years, health scares from tainted overseas pet treats and toys has inspired many pet owners to think local in sourcing foods and other products for their animals. As a result, more and more people are supporting companies that make their products in the USA. Pet owners trust these locally made products more as they abide by strict manufacturing regulations that reduce the risk of harm to their animals.

Some pet owners are even thinking hyperlocal by supporting the pet care companies in the state they reside. The connections built with local pet care companies are unlike any other, so it comes as no surprise that so many pet owners are thinking locally, rather than globally, when it comes to the care of their dogs, cats, and other animals.

Exploring the Pet Care Trends

As you explore the pet care trends for 2019, take the time to see how you can improve the ways you care for your dogs, cats and other animals. With this quick assessment, you can make smart changes that will help improve the health and happiness of your pet in the coming year. You can get started by switching to the most effective toothpaste for pets, Petsmile, which is the only toothpaste endorsed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council.


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