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The results are in.

Petsmile showed “significant plaque improvement” in three independent clinical studies required by the VOHC to meet their demanding accreditation criteria. The exclusive Calprox® formula “removes plaque from canine teeth improving oral cavity health” according to the tests. The male and female dogs were ages 1 to 11 and plaque was measured using The World Health Organization scoring system. In every case, dogs showed improved oral hygiene. Just one reason why Petsmile is the only toothpaste recommended by the VOHC to safely prevent the formation of plaque for healthier pet teeth and gums. You’ll smile too with no more “doggie breath.”

Pet Owners Love It Too!

“I’m very thankful for your product! It’s nice to have a pet toothpaste that’s gone through the VOHC approval. As a veterinary technician who does recommend home dental care and brushes her own dog’s teeth daily – Thank you!”  - Jennifer C.                                 

“My dog’s teeth are looking so much better and he jumps into my lap for tooth brushing when I show him the tube.” - Karen L.

“Love this product; we’re very happy! ♡" - Matt S.