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If you are concerned about your pet's oral health, then you want to make sure the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) seal of acceptance is on any oral health product you put in your pet's mouth. Why is this seal so important to you as a pet parent? It is because the seal lets you know that you are using not only a quality product, but one that is proven to be effective, and is also safe for your pet to use.

The VOHC was founded partly by the American Veterinary Dental College, and it awards its prestigious seal to any pet oral health product that meets its pre-set criteria. The criteria focus on the ability of the product to effectively and safely control plaque and tartar on the teeth of dogs and cats.

In 1989 at the Veterinary Dental Forum it was mentioned that there were not any objective means of recognizing efficacious products.  The concern was that veterinarians and the public maybe be using products that did not stand up to the claims that were made in plaque and tartar retardation. A panel of 35 people including veterinary dentists, dental scientists, and organizations reached an agreement to create a product review and acceptance system. 

How does a pet oral healthcare product receive a VOHC Acceptance seal? There is an extensive set of tests that are required.  Two separate trials are required to statistically validate the results.  During Petsmile’s trials, a veterinary dentist recorded the plaque and gingival index for eighteen dogs.  Then the vet cleaned their teeth and owners were asked to brush their dog’s teeth with either Petsmile or a control pet toothpaste.  After 28 days the dogs’ teeth were again measured for plaque and gingival.  Petsmile showed a 62% greater reduction in plaque and a 28% greater reduction in gingivitis than the control pet toothpaste.  Petsmile became the first toothpaste awarded the VOHC Acceptance Seal for plaque inhibition.

The VOHC Acceptance Seal means that the product manufacturers applied for the right to use the seal met all of the VOHC standards for effectiveness when used as intended and instructed by the manufacturer.  The requirements of the VOHC are rigorous, so if a product is able to meet them, you can be reasonably assured of that product's effectiveness and safety to you and your pet. 

The VOHC Acceptance Seal is now recognized globally by veterinary dental associations as a measure of quality and safety for your pet.