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Loose Teeth in Dogs: What You Can Do to Prevent This Alarming Condition

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Before loose teeth start to wiggle, you may not notice anything different about your dog’s tooth and gum health. In most cases, the underlying causes of loose teeth in dogs, such as gum disease, rarely show obvious symptoms. You must know exactly what to look for and how to best care for your dog’s teeth and gums to help prevent loose teeth. With the right information in hand, you can ensure your dog’s teeth and gums receive the absolute best care at home and from your veterinarian.

How To Find A Veterinarian Dentist

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Just like their human companions, pets need to visit the dentist on a regular basis for exams and teeth cleaning services. The process is a lot more involved for dogs and cats than humans, however, so it takes a particularly skilled professional to handle the dental care needs of your pets. For total peace of mind, you can entrust your pets’ dental care procedures to a veterinary dentist. To acquire this level of care for your pets, you can utilize the following guide on how to find a pet dentist.

Got Your Pet's Teeth Cleaned? Now What?

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When you bring your pets in to see a veterinary dentist for professional teeth cleaning, you set them up right to enjoy excellent dental health. To retain the benefits of having professional cleaning performed, however, you will need to work toward establishing supportive oral health care routines. You can accomplish this goal by utilizing the best at-home care practices at your disposal. The guide below will assist you in identifying and following the next steps in caring for your pets’ dental health after completing professional teeth cleaning.