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Top 6 Dog Parks in America

With the fall season slowly rolling in, the cooling weather is perfect for a walk in the great outdoors. Check out our top picks for dog parks in the United States (in no particular order)!

6. Bernal Heights Dog Park in San Francisco, CA

Park Hours: 5am - 12am
Once a quarry, Bernal Heights is now a 35 acre paradise for dogs born to run. Visitors can enjoy a hike through the network of dirt trails and gorgeous views of the city at the top of the hill. Doggie bags are available at both entrances to the park. Benches are present throughout to offer ample opportunity for rest stops.

5. Haulover Dog Park in Miami, Florida

Park Hours: 8am - 4pm
If your dog loves to swim, they’ll be particularly fond of Haulover Dog Park. 1.4 miles of open beach plus two fenced off play areas provide plenty of space for dogs of all sizes and ages to romp and play. Trees, picnic tables, water fountains and waste bag dispensers are present throughout. Don’t forget to pack a doggie life vest and a beach umbrella to keep your furry friend safe!

4. Westcrest Park in Seattle, Washington

Park Hours: 6am - 10pm
After a temporary closing, the Off-Leash area of Westcrest Park reopened in spring 2022 looking better than ever! Boasting 8.4 acres, this park features plenty of open space with shaded areas and drinking fountain for dogs. A separate area is designated for small and shy dogs, and there are benches throughout for human companions to relax. Restrooms and picnic areas are not far off, so a trip to Westcrest Park can be fun for the whole family too!

3. Prospect Park Dog Beach in Brooklyn, New York

Park Hours: 5am - 1am
Located in the second largest public park in Brooklyn, Prospect Park Dog Beach features a fenced off swimming area, large open fields, and wooded trails. Benches and water fountains are present throughout the park, with picnic areas and playgrounds close by. FIDO in Prospect Park meets on the first Saturday of every month to promote responsibility and safety for the dog community in Prospect Park.

2. Bear Creek Dog Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Park Hours: 5am - 9pm
Established in 1997, Bear Creek Dog Park features open prairie, hills, woods, and a ⅓-mile-long stretch of Bear Creek. A two-acre large area is designated for smaller dogs and senior dogs to have gentler play sessions. A washing station is present for enthusiastic muddy dogs to get cleaned up before heading home, and drinking water is available for both humans and dogs to stay hydrated.

1. Your Local Dog Park

At the end of the day, you don’t need to make a special trip to a particular dog park - the one closest to you probably has everything you need! Dogs are social creatures, so in addition to getting some exercise, dog parks are a great way to provide that much-needed interaction with other dogs and dog owners. Even if you live with ample yard space or your dog already has other playdates, the change of scenery will stimulate your dog’s mind as they get to experience new sights, smells and sounds! Take steps to prepare before your first trip. Up-to-date vaccinations are a necessity. Ensure that your dog is well trained with verbal commands, and read up on dog body language. To the untrained eye, playing and fighting can sometimes be difficult to distinguish. If your dog has not been socialized, try visiting during off-peak hours when there are fewer dogs around to start. Not all dogs will enjoy the park, but the ones that do are sure to thank you with kisses!


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