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Get A 2300% Plus Return on a Single Tube of Petsmile.

It's easy... just charge $15 for a teeth whitening brushing. That’s over $300 on a $12.50 tube of Petsmile 😊.



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Easy Low Commitment
($100 Min + Free Samples + Get Listed In Store Locator)

Why Petsmile For Groomers?

  • Immediately Increase Revenue By Offering Teeth Whitening Brushing
  • Get Rid of Bad Doggie Breath
  • Include or Sell Petsmile with Every Grooming
  • Clean ingredients: Free of silica, sulfates, parabens, rawhide, gluten + BPA 

Teeth Whitening For Pets?

Our proprietary breakthrough Calprox® formula is an encapsulated form of Calcium Peroxide and minerals.

Calprox® works by gently dissolving the protein pellicle a bio-film that forms on your pet’s teeth, and re-mineralizes enamel.

Guaranteed Results

Petsmile showed a 62% greater reduction in plaque and a 28% greater reduction in gingivitis than the control pet toothpaste.

Your pet’s mouth will always be left cleaner, healthier, fresher breath, and whiter teeth.