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5 Reasons That Your Pet is a Boss

boss dog, dog wearing crown, how dogs run the world

You love your furry friend unconditionally, but is it possible that your pet might also be a total boss? Check out our list to find out.

They Eat Like Royalty

You might be eating on a budget, but when it comes to your furbaby, you feed them only the best. You’re eager to give them their favorite treats. You might even taste their food...just to make sure it tastes good. According to a survey from ElleVet, an astonishing 39% of pet owners admit they have sampled their pets’ food. Of that 39%, 53% admitted they did so purely out of curiosity, and 29% said the product tasted good to them. 71% of respondents said they are more careful about giving their pets new products than they are for themselves.

They Live In A Material World

Your furbaby has sweaters, bandanas, hats, booties, and assorted costumes for every occasion imaginable. Every nook of your home is filled with toys and pet furniture, and you’ll still consider getting them even more. Americans spent $22.1 billion on supplies, live animals, and over-the-counter medicine in 2020. (Insurance Information Institute) They might even have more toys and clothes than you do.

They’re A Star On Social Media

According to a survey by LendingTree, 28% of pet owners make special purchases to post about their pets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media is flooded with posts about our beloved furry friends, and for good reason: some studies have shown that posts that featured pets received increased engagement. No wonder there is an ever increasing number of petfluencers!

They’ve Got You Trained

Your pet knows that giving you a nudge or a stare is all it takes to get your affection. When your dog looks antsy or sits by the door, you know it’s time to let them out to relieve themselves. Pawing at their food or water bowl results in a refill. Just like humans train their pets to respond to commands or perform tricks, pets can condition their owners to respond to certain cues too as a result of positive reinforcement. For example, if your cat meows at you and you decide to pet them, they will internalize that meowing at you will result in affection.

…And you brush their teeth with the only VOHC approved toothpaste with Calprox!

4 Ways That Pets Can Positively Impact Your Mental Health

mental health pets, dogs help with mental help, mental support animal

Ever notice how pet owners just seem to have a little more pep in their step? That’s because our pets provide us with a slew of mental health benefits—from combating loneliness to increasing mood boosting chemicals in our brain, pets have a pretty powerful effect on humans.

And the evidence is not purely anecdotal—scientific studies have proven time and time again that owning or interacting with an animal (literally, any kind of animal) will make a tangible difference in your life. That’s why animals are such a popular choice for therapy programs in hospitals, schools, and more.

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